Male kudu looking to camera
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Magnificent Kudu

In the Mara my favourite antelope is the Eland. Here in South Luangwa it is the Kudu. It is large and muscular with beautiful markings and amazing horns that curve. They are a little bit skittish so I was delighted to have a chance to get full on pictures,

male kudu in profile
male kudu in profile

Seen from the side it is a somewhat odd shape. In common with several antelopes it has this noticeable hump on its back I admit I have no idea why. (Another question to add to my list of things to research.) The fringe of hair running down its neck is a fine soft looking hair. Seen from the side the curves of the horns are even more impressive. The head is a fine shape and in this picture its walk feels elegant.

Male kudu close up
Male kudu close up

I have cropped in on this picture to provide a better look at the head and horns. I love the band across the eyes – has the look of a highwayman. It’s the ears though that really grab the attention. They are very flexible and their size a shape are very efficient at picking up sound. The ear markings are quite unique.

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