More cheetah and leopard – but never too many!

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The morning of the 24th October had so far been totally amazing. We’d seen cheetahs playing,leopard chasing cheetah and cheetah chasing a leopard, lots of plains animals, touching moments, birds and banded mongoose. But the morning wasn’t over yet! As … Read More

So much to see in the Mara

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It had already been an amazing morning – with the confrontation between the leopard and cheetahs. There were plenty of other animals around us. Looking through the other photos for that day, I was struck by some of photos that … Read More

Always something to see

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It is easy to get hung up on the ‘big five’ when on safari and on a first/only trip that actually makes sense as it can take a long time to find them! I’m lucky because I have been several … Read More

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