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This is a non-commercial site driven by photographs I have taken. Whilst I am always ecstatic when I get a technically good photo, my interest is in catching a moment or telling a story.  My wildlife photographs are always a work in progress! It is the type of photography I enjoy most and sharing the experience is particularly rewarding.

Sometimes though an individual photograph of a scene or group of photos of a place will have ‘caught a moment’ or or have captured a theme and the blog gives me a chance to explain what I was struck by.

In November 2017 I spent a couple of weeks in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. Photographs from this trip to Africa will form the source for my next group of blogs.



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Latest African Diaries

Magnificent Kudu
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In the Mara my favourite antelope is the Eland. Here in South Luangwa it is the Kudu. It is large and muscular with beautiful markings and amazing horns that curve. They are a little bit skittish so I was delighted … Read More

Mating Lions
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This pair of lions are resting between mating sessions and there is something almost tender about their pose.  I have watched mating lions often and in different settings but the action and interactions always grab my attention. This peaceful pair … Read More

Feeding time for the crocs
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This was my first evening drive on this trip. Late in the season, the river was low so as we drove along the bank this large group of crocodiles caught our eye. The wrestling and splashing suggested they had a … Read More

Birds, a lizard, and … cheetah!
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It was a quiet afternoon after such a full morning! It is often like that. You can drive around for a couple of hours and really not see anything very much. It isn’t a zoo so the animals could be … Read More

More cheetah and leopard – but never too many!
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The morning of the 24th October had so far been totally amazing. We’d seen cheetahs playing,leopard chasing cheetah and cheetah chasing a leopard, lots of plains animals, touching moments, birds and banded mongoose. But the morning wasn’t over yet! As … Read More

So much to see in the Mara
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It had already been an amazing morning – with the confrontation between the leopard and cheetahs. There were plenty of other animals around us. Looking through the other photos for that day, I was struck by some of photos that … Read More